Fabrizio Nicolosi is a global entrepreneur with a passion for launching new businesses and helping others to launch and develop their entrepreneurial initiatives. He’s got more than 12 years of professional experience and he worked in 7 different countries - Italy, UK, Qatar, Norway, Russia, Angola and USA.

He helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to set up and run successful international businesses.
He is an active investor in ed-tech, fin-tech, real estate, hospitality and members clubs. Fabrizio is leading the Entrepreneurs Private Office, an advisory boutique based in London offering bespoke market access services.
He is the founder and CEO of a global membership organisation, Leaders First, operating across the world, with 8,000+ participants and 500+ members from more than 20 countries.

Fabrizio graduated from Bocconi University with BA in Economics and MA in International Management.

How my family story inspired my business

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, my grandmother owned a textile business, I started making my first money at early age by selling my technical drawings to classmates at school, distributing tickets for students events, and even selling new technologies to companies.

I grew up in Bari which is in Puglia, South of Italy, and at the age of 18 I moved to Milan to attend Bocconi university and set my goals high.
By the time I finished my university I already was in charge of an organisation with 3,000 members, which was helping recent graduates to get ready for the job market through CV assessment and job matching. For my own career I choose Eni – one of the largest oil & gas company in the world (by revenue) and soon I was transferred from the headquarters in Rome to a very inspiring and international location: London.

I could continue building a successful corporate career, keep flying from Norway to Angola to manage complex upstream projects being involved in trading and commercial negotiations, however, something inspired me to plan a more challenging professional life, and this time it was my own family business story.

As I mentioned, my grandparents were in textile business, but sadly, none of their children wanted to continue this journey and the business had to be sold. My grandma, a very energetic woman, was devastated, but she invested the money received from the sale of her business into various properties and in my mum's jewellery business. With my global mindset, I didn’t see myself in any of these new businesses which all were based in Puglia, so I continued focusing on my career in the international corporate world of energy industry.

One day things changed, when I was back to Puglia for a short break. I woke up from a smell of freshly made coffee, something which always reminded me of my childhood in South of Italy. I overheard my parents talking in the kitchen seeking solutions to improve their businesses and investments. And there, away from a very busy London life, I suddenly realised - it was the time for me to get involved in managing family assets! This was the start of my entrepreneurial journey, and continuing of my family legacy, with the same energy which helped my grandma to build her textile business, but with a more global mindset.

Since 2016, the year I quit my corporate job, my day has never been the same again – over these years I worked across many industries, advised numerous entrepreneurs on interesting projects, helped to build over 100 businesses including the opening of new members clubs, online food projects, fin-tech start-ups and luxury tour operators.

It will continue to be a very interesting journey with further plans to explore new opportunities in the USA, Middle East and Asia.